Month: May 2011

Steampunk Nautilus Pendant

What is Steampunk?

What is steampunk? Oh, it’s Victorian fashion, steampunk goggles, the steam engine, and clockwork gadgets, right? From another timeline when innovation was rampant and inventions were plenty. That question is getting asked a lot these days now that steampunk is more mainstream, but the truth is it’s not a thing that can be picked up …

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colorful steampunk hearts

Steampunk Heart Pendants!

Some of the first cool handcrafted jewelry designs I made in polymer clay were steampunk heart pendants. I embellish them with metal watch gears, wire, and metal beads and highlight with metallic mica powders. Here are some new handcrafted steampunk heart pendants, they have a dark gothic feel that I think is totally wicked =)