Well, Desert Rubble is me, Lynn Reno. I’m a Mesa, AZ artist currently dabbling in polymer clay, having dabbled with wood and concrete in the past and looking forward to being able to dabble in metal clay in the future. I create my own original, unique designs from my warped little mind. I love other worldly things and I love stuff with an edge to it: sci-fi, post apocalyptic, steampunk, industrial, fantasy, medieval, it’s all cool. Having said that, I really love a variety of things!

steampunk dragonly pendant

In the past I got a bit bogged down by recreating a lot of the same pieces, but now I hope to not feel asĀ  pressured to doing that as much so I can branch out more and create awesome new pieces, especially since I don’t have thatĀ  much time to devote to it. I do have a full time job that does pays the bills… just not much else. When I started this foray called Desert Rubble, I was married and this was to help out during hard times, now this is my “I need to get out of this crappy apartment and into my own house” plan =)

steampunk wing pendant

All the handcrafted work is done my me, myself, and I. I hope to have offerings of tools and a variety of jewelry making supplies as well. I also hope to be more active on my blog and hopefully start creating designs for t-shirts. Considering how little I’ve accomplished in the last several years, this is ambitious, but I’m hopeful! I have ideas……lol

steampunk butterfly pendant

Anyways, whatever brought you here, I hope you were not disappointed. Please, please share my site with your friends, your family…..complete strangers ;P



P.S. I do everything on my site all by myself as well, and while I try to check everything out for mistakes…. if you find something not operating like you think it should, feel free to lmk, it would be a big help, thanks!