Gradient Background for Jewelry Photos and Swirled Butterlfies

Been playing around with a gradient background for photos off and on for awhile now. I’d like to have a more professional look to my photos, especially since I recently made a piece to be included in another artists E-Book. I think that photo turned out quite nice, you’ll have to wait to see that though! Am using a printed gradient I made myself in Corel Photo. I didn’t know at first I could coat my print out with Krylon to protect it, so it has some scratches already and I need to print another….or several in different formations and such. Thinking to take them to a place and have them printed, too, for much better results and less ink used from my own printer =) But anyways, more playing to come, but I can see much better photos to come from me for my polymer work!

Life has gotten in the way this year and I haven’t made a lot of new pieces…..have had a hard time just remaking pieces for requests, really. But I am on a path of self improvement so I’m working on that. I do have a new butterfly shape to share, it’s very similar to my old butterfly shape, just tweaked a bit. My first 2 pendants in this shape are swirled designs with faux rivets flowing alongside the swirls in a simple pallet. I think the pieces are feminine yet still have a wee bit o’edginess.

Swirled Butterflies on a Gradient Background
Swirled Butterflies on a Gradient Background

These are handcrafted by me from polymer clay, highlighted with metallic powders and pastes, antiqued, and sealed.


Purple swirled butterfly pendant

Blue swirled butterfly pendant


2 thoughts on “Gradient Background for Jewelry Photos and Swirled Butterlfies”

  1. KUDOS on your inclusion in the new E-book! I like the look of your photo using the gradient background and think it will be perfect for the book. Clever to have made it yourself from Corel Photo. I also like the new butterfly design. They have a bit of a softer edginess that I find appealing.

    1. Thankyou Anita! I am very excited for the E-Book to come out and cannot wait to promote it =) It is something that will be so versatile. You know, I got the idea for making the gradient form another clayer…can’t recall who though. I’m so glad you like the butterflies, and that is exactly what I was going for =)

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