Gallery of Handcrafted Jewelry and Unique Stuff

Welcome to my photo gallery of my handcrafted jewelry and seriously unique stuff in post apocalyptic, cyberpunk, steampunk, medieval, fantasy, and renaissance styles all carefully handcrafted from polymer clay. These are all my original designs, some of these come about as requests from customers, other have been adapted from designs I created many years ago when I was designing painted woodcrafts, others are the product of a lifetime of watching and reading fiction, but they’re all mine. I will try to place links on gallery pages of items that are available, I was linking images to the listings but that is too time consuming, so it may take a few days to get those updated, have patience, so much to do, so little time.

Currently I only have the Crow, Dragonfly, Eyes, Thor’s Hammer/Mjollnir, Medieval/Fantasy/Renaissance, Butterfly, Wing, Hummingbird, Fish, Hearts, and  Bee galleries completed and thumbnails up for each gallery…other gallery pages coming soon!

Click on the crow, dragonfly, eye, hammer, medieval amulet, butterfly, wing, hummingbird, fish, heart, or bee to go to the full gallery page.

Steampunk Crows

Crow Jewelry

Steampunk Dragonflies

Dragonfly Pendants

Steampunk, Mechanical, Dragon's Eyes

Cyberpunk and Dragon’s Eyes!

Steampunk Bee

Bee Jewelry

Thor's Hammer/Mjollnir Amulet

Thor’s Hammer Pendants

Medieval, Fantasy, Renaissance

Medieval, Fantasy, Renaissance

Blood Red Dragon's Wing

Wing Jewelry

Steampunk Butterflies


Heart Pendants

Heart Pendants

hearts in armor

Cyberpunk, Post Apocaplyptic, Steampunk, Urban Chic,

Steampunk Hummingbirds


Fairy Doors

Fairy Doors



Beads, Charms, and Wine Charms

Beads, Charms, and Wine Charms

Steampunk Fish


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