Butterfly Pendants

My handcrafted butterfly pendants! I was surprised that I had made so few already, it seems like I have made more than this so far. Like my dragonflies, these were also adapted from one of my woodcraft/scroll saw patterns. I’m working on some new patterns with some really cool wings as I write this though….I hope they turn out cool!

Like my other galleries, I am showing you my butterflies from the very first one to the very latest. I hope you can see how my skill has grown and I hope my creativity as well. Like all my handcrafted jewelry, these are entirely original designs and I try to make each butterfly unique.

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Steampunk Butterfly with Electrodes and Wires
Metallic Butterfly with Flames on Wings
Edgy Teal, Purple Butterfly Edgy Blue Biomech Butterfly Festive Pink Butterfly Pendant
Purple Butterfly With Swirls Blue Butterfly with Swirls Purple Butterfly with Metallic Flames
Punk Blue Butterfly Pendant Mauve Butterfly Pendant with Faux Silver Flames on Wings Purple Butterfly Sculpted
Blue Butterfly Metallic Gold on Wings Colorful sculpted butterfly pendant Pearl and Purple Butterfly Pendant