Rub ‘n Buff, Storing and Reconstituting

I love my Rub ‘n Buff, but anyone who has used it will tell you that it is not a perfect product. It separates in the tubes and the lids crack causing it to dry out. Have no fear! You can keep your Rub ‘n Buff like new….just not in the tube. All my Rub ‘n Buff has been extruded from their not so tidy little tubes into small metal tins with screw on lids. Be careful not to get any in the threads around the outside of the top or you might have issues getting the can open at a later date. Now that your Rub ‘n Buff is in a more usable container, you may need to reconstitute it from time to time and I do that with a little paint thinner. I just pour some in every time I notice it’s getting a bit dry. I don’t stir it in, I just put the lid back on and let it all soak in, and soak in it does, give it a day or two and you won’t believe the difference. If it’s still fairly dry, you’ll need to add more thinner, you’ll be surprised how much thinner it can take to make it a nice smooth consistency again so you may want to play that by ear and pay attention to how much you are having to add.

Rub 'n Buff and Paint Thinner

Rub ‘n Buff and Paint Thinner

By the way, you cannot reconstitute Rub ‘n Buff if it is entirely dried out, once it becomes solid, it is in fact, quite solid……Hulk sad.

BTW I got my tins from Specialty Bottle, I found them to be the most reasonable at the time on price and shipping costs. I was very pleased with my order from them, and if you’re into covering things with polymer clay, they have a lot of other cool things as well =)


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