Polymer Clay and Shape Cutters!

I love using shape cutters in my work and if you work in polymer clay and you’ve seen my work you probably already know that. Recently I had the honor of making a piece to be included in the gallery section of Helen Breil’s new e-book: Shapes: 25 Inspirational Jewellery Designs in Polymer Clay. Guess what? All the designs use shape cutters! That was right up my alley. So here is my piece in my industrial scrap style, complete with gears-

Industrial Steampunk Pendant
Industrial Steampunk Pendant

Helen’s book was released just this week and it is awesome. Not only are the projects wonderful but this book is so full of tips, tricks, and extensive photos as to make this an invaluable reference material for polymer clayers. The gallery section is large and full of wonderful work by other polymer clay artists, taking Helen’s projects and applying their own style to them. This book doesn’t just teach you to recreate each of Helen’s pendants, but gives you the tools and inspiration to think outside of the box yourself, to create your own pieces and to find your own unique style. You know I love that =)

3 thoughts on “Polymer Clay and Shape Cutters!”

  1. Congratulations on having your piece included in the gallery of Helen Breil’s new book, “Shapes”! Your piece is SO cool, very detailed and I love the addition of the gears. Her book sounds like it will be a terrific addition to the PC-er’s library.

    1. Thankyou so much Anita! And it really is, she uses a lot of stamps, textures, and mica powders in her pieces but a lot of the gallery work was done with canes from some very well known artists. So there is so much that can be done with her tutorials.

  2. I love your designs: very similar to my own but I’m just starting out with polymer clay, having been a beader in the 80s and lately a cake decorator and it turns out that all the skills I had to learn there are transferable to polymer clay! I’m so enjoying it and I’d like to thank you and your contemporaries for sharing such inspirational pictures and tutorials: Thanks 🙂

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