So my website crashed….

If you’re reading this for the second time, my apologies. After 2 days of my hosting company trying to figure out what was wrong I was left with nothing, twice. So while I wrote this post yesterday, I’m writing it again, sigh. So, my website crashed. I’m too frustrated right now to think. I redid the whole thing last spring from the bottom up, made it really streamlined and really fast, was super on mobile, too. Never backed it up.

My host moved my website from one server to another recently, but left the old one active for a bit. When all the dust settled, my website was trashed. My posts are there, but my theme, my IMAGES!, all my settings, all my css that I worked so hard on, everything I did to make it fast last spring which I no longer have a clue about of course, are gone.

The problem is to do with wordpress of course, even though I haven’t touched the backend of my website or wordpress for months and months. So, I’m very frustrated they wasted 2 days I could have been working on it, even more frustrated at the lack of accountability when this happened exactly when my site stopped broadcasting from the old server.

So, that’s where I am right now. Because I left some updates about my life as it is in the other missing post, I’ll put them here, too! Most of you know I left my husband of 20 years 3 years ago. Was moving out on my birthday actually. My marriage did some damage to me and I’m working on getting “ME” back, on becoming a strong confident person. So, here I am in my little apartment with my dog and my tiny backyard. I’ve largely spent the time trying to get fitter and healthier. I’ve had issues with my circulation and mal-absorption. It’s amazing how little your brain will encourage you to do when it is not getting what it needs.  So that means no creativity, no motivation, no energy, no sleep. So I’m working on getting healthier in more ways than one =)

I’m getting there, though. But, it’s hard to get motivated when you know you’re supposed to be making all the same old stuff. So I’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking about where I want to go with this and I have plans to take off down some new paths. I am working full time though so I don’t know how quickly things will move along. But there are some very good things in store for Desert Rubble, very cool stuff. Old stuff, too, I’ve had about 20 requests in the last month for my heart bypass pendants, I actually have some dragonflies I just need to finish.

Besides that, my faithful pooch did serious injury to himself last year and was paralyzed for a bit. He has a herniated disc that has still not been reabsorbed. He’s had anti-inflammatories and he’s had laser treatments, and they didn’t do much good. He has permanent nerve damage and cannot do much for long. We started going to a small quiet dog park recently, and while it is risky to take him there I feel it’s worth it. We don’t stay long and I watch him carefully, but it gives him something to be happy about. Here he is immediately after he began to walk again.

So that it. I’ve got my work cut out for me and will be exhaustively trying to restore the appearance and the images back to my website. My shop is hosted elsewhere, so it’s entirely unaffected. Please have patience if you come by and this is your first visit, thankyou!