About Desert Rubble

My name is Lynn Reno and I grew up in Southern Indiana and currently live in Mesa, AZ in a tiny apartment. I work a full time job as a production specialist in a semiconductor fab, that’s what pays the bills. In my spare time I love plants, crafts, painting, and reading.

Desert Rubble came about as a way to help pay the bills while I was married and times got tough, now I’m  hoping to save enough to be able to buy a house by myself in this insanely overpriced housing market.

My main thing right now is polymer clay, but if I can get into a house with a garage, I plan to start casting things in resin. I also hope to start selling watercolor and digital artwork. Having already dabbled with wood and concrete in the past, I am also looking forward to working in metal clay in the future.

I create my own original and unique designs. I love other worldly things, stuff with an edge to it like sci-fi, post apocalyptic, steampunk, industrial, fantasy, medieval, heck, it’s all cool. I really love a variety of things!

All the handcrafted work is done entirely by me, this is a one woman show and always has been.

Whatever brought you here, I hope you found something you loved! Please, please (Please!) share my shop and Instagram with your friends, your family…..complete strangers ;P



P.S. I do everything on my site all by myself as well, and while I try to check everything out for mistakes…. if you find something not operating like you think it should, feel free to lmk, it would be a big help, thanks!