The Not Quite Anatomical Heart Handcrafted Jewelry

A new faux mechanical heart jewelry pendant! I’ve been calling these little unique, handcrafted heart pendants my “Not Quite Anatomical Hearts” since my first one. They’re not even remotely anatomical but I try to give them a bit of realism with texture, what they really are is faux mechanical or biomechanical. I’m finding they’ve become popular with heart patients (by-pass, transplant, open heart surgery), their families, and medical personnel (doctors, nurses) and they help to symbolize and mark what a large event it is when someone has heart surgery. It’s such an amazing thing that someone would buy one of my little mechanical hearts for such an important task and I am always so honored when someone tells me that’s why they bought one.

Mechanical Heart Pendant
Mechanical Heart Pendant

See more pics here-

Biomechanical Heart Pendant

3 thoughts on “The Not Quite Anatomical Heart Handcrafted Jewelry”

  1. My first thought when I saw your wonderful “Not Quite Anatomical Heart” was how perfect it would be, as you wrote, for a heart patient, their family, or medical personnel. Do you have any suggestions of how it could be used by someone who wouldn’t be likely to wear it as a necklace pendant?

    1. Morning darling =) I think it could be ‘pinned’ but it wouldn’t be a good choice for a fob. When some things settle down around here I might make them as paperweights =)

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