Handcrafted Jewelry, An Artisan Showcase!

With handcrafted jewelry the sky is the limit and there is really nothing we can’t do, right? So I wanted to show off 4 jewelry artists in the Artisan Showcase and how they used pieces of my polymer clay work in their own handcrafted jewelry.

First up from ShadowDogDesigns a gorgeous necklace made from turquoise rondelles, speckled “quail egg” seeds, and sterling silver, along with my carved polymer clay heart. I love how well the colors go on this, Catherine does have a way with color! Check out Catherine’s shop for her nature inspired unique handmade jewelry  made with the most beautiful handcrafted boro lampwork beads and semiprecious stones….they are gorgeous!

one of a kind necklace from ShadowDogDesigns
one of a kind necklace from ShadowDogDesigns

From JoyciesJems One of my steampunk butterflies with a  hand dyed silk ribbon and handcrafted sterling silver beads. The colors of this ribbon are so wonderful with this butterfly, it really is stunning! Check out Joyce’s shop and you’ll see her passion for texture, color, and some real gorgeous materials like paua shells and her very own lampwork beads.

one of a kind jewelry design by JoyciesJems

From Jennifer Schwartzenberger at  Stony Creek Bead & Gallery in Ypsilanti, MI, a custom made Dragon’s Eye Focal made just for her, again, I thought her color choice was wonderful but her bead work? Exquisite!

amazing beaded statement necklace with a custom made dragon's eye focal
amazing beaded statement necklace with a custom made dragon’s eye focal

Thanks for stopping in,  these are some very talented ladies! I’ll be looking to do this again, if you’d like to be included, pop me an email =)

6 thoughts on “Handcrafted Jewelry, An Artisan Showcase!”

  1. Catherine Waterhouse

    So fascinating to see what other artists have done with your pendants, Lynn! Thank you so much for adding my necklace along with the other beauties! It’s a real honor! Your pieces rock and I hope to use one again in the near future. In fact, I’ve been fingering the other one I bought a lot lately! 🙂 Thanks again!

  2. Michelle of CreativeCritters

    These are absolutely beautiful creations! It’s amazing all the different jewelry that was created with your pendants! =)

    1. I know, right? I always just thought they’d be pendants, you know. I try to think outside the box but it’s hard, good thing it takes everyone to make the world interesting =)

  3. Hi Lyn, thanks for showcasing my necklace – i actually gave this to my daughter and whenever she wears it she gets comments about how cool it looks. I must go and check to see if you have more butterflies for sale? You know i love all your polymer clay works of art!

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