What is my work made of?
How do I get the metallic look?
Do I take custom requests?
Am I planning to do tutorials?
Do I use molds?
Where do I get my ideas?
Do I offer wholesale or bulk pricing?

What is my work made of? Polymer clay, which is a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) based sculpting material. It contains no actual clay or clay minerals and is only called clay because of it malleable properties. Polymer clay hardens/cures in an oven to become a durable product that, when treated with care, can last indefinitely. Polymer clay can be broken and scratched, always treat it as you would any fine jewelry. Most of my pieces do not have fine, delicate details, but those that do should be treated with extra care.

How do I get the metallic look? Much of my work has faux metal finish that I get from various mica powders, metallic paints, and waxes. These are surface treatments on top of the clay that I also apply a sealer to. These pieces should be stored appropriately as they will be prone to scratches.

Do I take custom requests? Yes, but I rarely take one on. Custom requests take a great deal of time and are really something of a creativity sucker, so I pretty much only take on a custom order that I feel inspired to do and it is something I would love to have in my shop. It never hurts to ask, though!

Am I planning to do tutorials? Yes, but have not even started yet, what would like to see in a tutorial from me? You can find my first tutorial, though, in the April 2011 issue of Polymer Cafe though, it’s my Industrial Scrap Pendant, learn how I use cookie cutters in my work, how to make faux screw heads, and try your hand at using mica powders and metallic wax.

Do I use molds? The bulk of my work simply doesn’t work well with molds. Polymer clay can be used in molds that are shallow for good impressions, but it can be impossible to get a good impression from deeper molds because the clay will distort upon removal. I have made casts for a couple of pieces that are difficult to duplicate, these casts get me a basic shape that I then refine and embellish. All my work is original, handmade and designed by me, I try to make each piece unique!

Where do I get my ideas? A lifetime of sci-fi TV? I find other art and polymer clay work very inspiring, I especially love anything that’s ‘outside the box’ and am particularly inspired by those.

Do I offer wholesale or bulk pricing? No, I do not. At some point I hope to be hiring out small casting runs at which point it will certainly be a consideration. For now, each piece is entirely hand made by me and pricing for wholesale would be impossible. I’m also still evolving so much, the last thing I want to do is end up having to make hundreds of the same thing when I really want to move onto bigger things.

Hmmmm, what else to put here? Open to suggestions!

email lynn@desertrubble.com

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  1. I’m looking for a gift for my girlfriend, who has a fascination with all things steampunk. Your USB stick would be perfect!!!

    I was wondering if you would consider making one for me/her, and what the price would be. I would need this shipped to California by mid-February.

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