Fantasy Jewelry

I have always been in love with mythical things, so fantasy, medieval, and renaissance jewelry was natural choice for me to when I first started in polymer clay. And I do love all things supernatural in nature, the mythical, mystical, magical, whatever, I just love it. So I made a lot of jewelry like that early on when I was getting my feet wet with polymer clay. I used a lot of metal charms and beads in my pieces as well as faux gems made with glass gems. I’ll make more fantasy jewelry when I have the time, because I do love the old world and otherworldly feel and rusticness to them.

I will try and keep an updated list of links back to pieces that are available, all of the items on this page are sold, though, so no links, sorry!

Snake Dagger Pendant Snake Pendant Hatchet Pendant
Snake Pendant, another favorite Arrowhead Pendant Dagger Amulet
Snake Pendant Skull Dagger Amulet, love this! Fantasy Amulet with Blue Gem
Purple Fantasy Pendant Fantasy Pendant with Faux Opal Gem Fantasy Pendant with Faux Opal Gem, this was so cool!
Medieval Strap Pendant Faux Bone, Snake, Rope Amulet Faux Bone Amulet With Strap
Bird Skull Cabochon Faux Stone and Snake Amulet Mace Pendant
Fantasy Pendant with teal gem