Steampunk Fish!

I love colorful fish! Who doesn’t love looking at the fantastic color combinations and patterns of beautiful tropical fish. My husband and I used to be quite involved in aquarium keeping, we even had a pair of piranha while living in Indianapolis. We had oscars we could pet and huge catfish. When we bought our home we had ponds, too, a whole other fascination with fish ensued. Although we never kept saltwater tanks, we wished we’d had them. There are some colorful freshwater fish but not like those found on the reef. Their color combinations and patterns are mesmerizing and quite surreal.

So for making fish was a natural, and it was something I could add some color to! These little steampunk fish are made from polymer clay, the hinges on their little fins are fake. The metallic effect comes from metallic powders and pastes. I modeled these fish after the angelfish body shape, but I have much more I want to do with my fishies, so look for some exciting things here in the future!

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