Welcome to Handcrafted Jewelry and other Seriously Unique Stuff!

Hi All! Welcome to my blog for my handcrafted jewelry and other seriously unique stuff! Where you’ll find handcrafted jewelry, gifts, decor, and whatever else I can dream up in cyberpunk, post apocalyptic, and steampunk, as well as fantasy, medieval, and Renaissance. Thanks for popping in, I’m just getting settled in. I’ve been busy getting something, anything, up on my husband’s site (http://theplantmanagers.com/) but I’ll be getting some cool pics of my steampunk polymer clay stuff up here soon. Until then….you can shop at my Artfire Shop, http://www.DesertRubble.Artfire.com, me Etsy shop, http://www.etsy.com/shop/DesertRubble, check out my blog, http://lynnsdesertrubble.blogspot.com/, and my facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/lynnsdesertrubble, ‘LIKE’ my facebook and keep up to date on my new things or you can subscribe to myy RSS feed. Am planning on a new shopping cart in early 2012 that’ll give me newsletter and mailing list capability, so I look forward to that!

Thor's Hammer #19
Thor’s Hammer

Now, off to change the appearance of this place!

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  1. Great jewelry very creative. I think that is the most important step in selling handmade jewelry is that it needs to be unique jewelry. You have made a niche for yourself by creating wonderful designs. Keep up the great work.
    Best wishes,

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