Send a Newsletter with Google Friend Connect

Did you know that you could use Google Friend Connect to send a newsletter out to the subscribers of any of your Blogger blogs? Well, you can. I swear I learn something new everyday and it is wonderful. Got to this link and sign into your Google Friend Connect Account. Once there, you’ll see all your Blogger blogs listed on the left. Select the blog that you’d like to send a newsletter from, then select ‘newsletter’ from the menu. On the newsletters page you have the option to ask visitors to subscribe to the newsletter or to add a newsletter gadget to your blog.

On the same page you can compose your first newsletter! What a great way to connect with your blog followers. It’s such a simple thing, wouldn’t it be nice if we all knew this sooner? Argh.

BTW Those of you using Google Friend Connect on your non-Blogger blogs, that is being retired as of March 1, 2012.