USPS International First Class Postal Rates Increase

Today the USPS initiated an increase in their postal rates for International First Class Shipping. As a result I’ve had to increase my charge for shipping packages Internationally quite a bit. My new International First Class shipping rates for most items are as follows

  • US                                  $2.25 first item  $.25 each additional item
  • Canada                          $3.60 first item  $.35 each additional item
  • All Other Countries        $4.25 first item  $1.00 each additional item
  •  Cords will ship free when purchased with another item

I hate to have to make the increase and such large ones at that because a lot of my customers are European, Australian, and Canadian, but the increases were steep. So a head’s up to all my friends who are also selling their crafts and jewelry online and ship internationally, check your shipping prices against the USPS Postage Calculator, it’s a great way to make sure you’re covering all your costs so you don’t get bit in the behind at the Post Office.

And for your viewing pleasure, check out a brand new product I hope to have for sale very soon, glass eyes made specifically for use in polymer clay. The top is a quality glass cabochon and the adhesive used is liquid polymer clay, the backs will be epoxied so they will be waterproofed and durable as well.

glass dragon eyes
glass dragon eyes

4 thoughts on “USPS International First Class Postal Rates Increase”

  1. Hi Lynn,
    just found your dragon eyes and I’m fascinated… beautiful work! Can you tell me what size they are?
    Thanks, Natalie

    1. Hi Natalie, thankyou! I’m sorry to say I am still working on the final process for these, but I hope to have something to sell soon. They will be 24, 20, and 16 mm =)

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