Shop Faq

Handling and Care Polymer clay is a PVC material that hardens in a regular oven. While it is generally a strong material, it can be broken and should be treated as any fine piece of jewelry. As most of my pieces have a surface treatment or paint, avoid exposure to hairspray and other aerosol materials or solvents. Wipe gently to clean if necessary.

Custom Ordering Items listed for sale are ready to ship. I do not do custom items or commissions.

Wholesale I do not offer wholesale, bulk, or affiliate options.

Copyrights Buying an original piece from me does not give you the right to duplicate the piece, offer instruction in the making of it, or use my photos. All copyrights are retained by me.


  • Economy Shipping=USPS First Class
  • Standard Shipping=USPS Priority

I work a 12 hour shift at my full time job on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and every other Wednesday. Please understand, there isn’t much time for anything extra on those days, so I do not ship on days I work, I will ship on my days off. I ship to the address on your completed invoice. If using PayPal, correct your address, if necessary, during checkout. I ship items securely and safely to ensure they arrive intact.

Returns If your item has arrived damaged, please contact me within 3 days and return ship it to me within 7 days for a full refund. I do not offer exchanges.