Steampunk Owl Pendant!

Meet my steampunk owl pendant, my newest piece of handcrafted jewelry! He’s a bit cyberpunk, a bit post apocalyptic, a bit steampunk. Someone once said my work was more like animals that were mechanized as opposed to mechanical animals, and it’s not something I purposely do but it is certainly something I carry on with and you can see it in my new steampunk owl pendant. I don’t know if I’ll be hearing how adorable he is like I hear about my steampunk octopus being adorable, but he’s pretty cool.

Steampunk Owl Pendant
Steampunk Owl Pendant


8 thoughts on “Steampunk Owl Pendant!”

    1. lmao Glori, that is so not right, he is not adorable! There is a really nice effect that you get from the rub ‘n buff, but I think this other product will be longer lasting and more versatile.

  1. I agree! I got some Viva Decor at CHA last summer and love it. How do you reconstitute it? Just water?

    1. Yep! Someone on Christi Friesen’s yahoo group says water, said it was on Polyclayplay’s website, such a help for her to say so and I didn’t have to go find it later =)

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