Thor’s Hammer Pendants

At long last I have started making smaller Thor’s Hammer’s pendants! I still have folks who want the larger ones and that’s great, because I can do more on those, like the Celtic Thor’s Hammer, I cannot get that detail on this smaller size pendant. But for those that want a smaller one (and these are even still not that small), I am making them! For my first batch I made 4, and here they are.

Tribal Thor's Hammer with tiny skull
Tribal Thor’s Hammer with tiny skull

Thor's Hammer Warrior Style
Thor’s Hammer Warrior Style

Small Celtic Thor's Hammer
Small Celtic Thor’s Hammer

Another Tribal Style Thor's Hammer
Another Tribal Style Thor’s Hammer

These are original polymer clay pendants handcrafted by me with a faux metal finish that comes from metallic powder and pastes. You can check my online shop to see if I have any for sale, Thor’s Hammers pendants.